TBI The Future of Britain
TBI The Future of Britain
Part 2
Fast turnaround shot in 8 countries
Set frame for debate on future of UK

In two weeks, we took on the challenge of coordinating, shooting and editing 14 interviews both virtually and in person, from all over the world. We heard from tech and climate change CEOs about how the technology revolution is changing both economy and society, about the climate change emergency and the importance of reaching NetZero.

This was all for the Tony Blair Institutes The Future of Britain Conference. This project was delivered in hybrid fashion with crews working locally and interviews being conducted from London by Toby and Mark with a remote link to the crews and contributors. It became a hugely successful series of films for the conference.

Executive producer/Director: Mark Lucas

Producer: Han Le

Assistant producer: Nicole Georgiou

Editors: Toby James, Anna Zavialova, Han Le