Tony Blair Institute for Global Change The Future of Artificial Intelligence
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Capturing the attention of political changemakers
A key film in the 2023 Future of Britain Conference

We created this short film on AI, made in collaboration with the Tony Blair Institute, for the Future of Britain Conference 2023.

For anyone who’s excited, awed or even a little bit fearful this documentary provides us all with a sense of how truly empowering this next technological step will be.

We spent months going across the globe getting an insight into the drive and motivation of the people at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence research. From talking with AI entrepreneurs, policymakers, and scientists, this film discusses issues that will be central to our changing world.

Exec: Mark Lucas                                                                                

Producers: Nicole Georgiou, Timo Behnke 

Assistant Producer: Julia Mervis

DOPs: Don McVey, Joshua Izenberg 

Camera Assistants: Natasha Zünd, Sasha Borrisova 

Editor: Louise McGregor 

Production Assistants: Alexandra Wigley, Jamie Atkinson