We’ve been nominated for The Grierson Awards 2019!

Our recent Mental Health film has been rightly nominated for a Grierson Documentary Award. If you haven’t seen it it’s the story of Alastair Campbells’ attempts to find a cure for his Depression. The Director, Peter Gauvain did an amazing job in weaving together Alastairs’ disparate reflections as he went through a cycle of depression over the course of 6 months. Alastair doesn’t like people using the word “Brave” but its’ hard to think of a better soubriquet for someone who opened up his whole personal life and series of difficult experiences to a film crew for no other purpose than to encourage debate and openness on the issue. The film has definitely had an impact – with positive reviews around the world and excellent viewing figures, but most importantly it is a genuine attempt to make the world a better place and to help change how mental health is viewed. If that doesn’t deserve a bloody award I don’t know what does!