The shocking truth about power in China

One night, nearly four years ago, Whitney Duan left her apartment in Beijing and disappeared without trace.

She left behind a young child to be raised by his father, Chinese entrepenur Desmond Shum.

In the explosive new book ‘Red roulette” we discover the truth about power in China today and what really happened to her. For the first time we see behind the curtain of Chinese government and what is revealed is surprising and at times shocking.

Desmond came to us to make a trailer film and social media content to promote the book. Using a mixture of high end motion graphics, archive material, and a location shoot, we brought the story to life for the online audience. Desmond is an amazing figure – brave and bold but also intelligent and insightful.

In an incredible twist to the story, after releasing the video and the book Whitney actually rang Desmond out of the blue and asked him to retract the book. She has been held by the Chinese authorities in an undisclosed location for nearly 4 years.

We recommend you buy the book which is published in the autumn through Schuster and Schuster but before you do anything else, check out the trailer!