The meaning of Partnerships

A partnership can be defined as a collaborative relationship between two or more people, organisations, or countries. They change the world in both big and small ways. Through partnerships, we were given the discovery of DNA, the development of aeroplanes, Google and music that has inspired millions. But these are the big things that society is aware of, partnerships also take form in everyday relationships and events which can be just as meaningful and life-changing.

We have recently been working on a film for Novartis. A healthcare brand who are reimagining medicine, and are working to develop stronger partnerships to develop greater progress for all. A unique partnership that struck us when brainstorming ideas of how this could be represented in the film, was the partnership between a visually impaired runner and their guide. The trust and relationship that is built through this partnership is incredible. The guide provides the runner with the ability to achieve their goals, running for fun, in marathons, or at professional levels, none of which would be possible alone. Our protagonist runner in the film does not take part in running events to fulfil charity challenges, but because they are the only way she can run regularly as a blind runner. Finding people to give up their time to run with her can sometimes be a difficult factor, so whenever she has the opportunity, she runs with it (quite literally).

Watching the pair was inspiring, in the way that they communicated, the pure joy of running alongside one another, and seeing what they can achieve together. This left us thinking about all the other great partnerships that have amazing impacts on individuals’ daily lives, especially within the world of healthcare.

So have a think about what partnerships you can think of and watch this space for when the film is released to see if you had the same ideas as us!