The amazing world of Prosthetists and Orthotists!

In September The British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) are launching their first ever Prosthetists and Orthotists Day to raise the profile of the two roles with both health and care professionals and the general public!

In preparation for the event, the Silverfish team visited the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore to get to see and showcase some of the amazing work that the Prosthetists and Orthotists do, helping to change people’s lives on a daily basis. We met some amazing people with an overwhelming passion for their jobs.

It is a fascinating profession watching the staff use a mixture of science, engineering and creativity to support patients in their road to recovery and wellbeing. Using their skills to create ranges of different prosthetics to replace limbs, each adjusted to suit an individuals preference whether It be visually or practically or braces to reduce pain and problems that patients suffer with.

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