Technicians today.

What does it mean to be a young technician in the 21st century? 

We had the opportunity to answer this question by working closely with people that have dedicated their lives to a specific technician role. 

Each of these roles is pivotal to our society for the development of innovative technologies or the conservation of old practices.  

We put a spotlight on young people and their jobs, all over the country, focusing our attention on what it means to them to be part of the world of technical roles.  

In the last months, we have been working with the Science Museum to create a series of documentaries entirely dedicated to the world of Technicians. 

The goal for us is to inspire the new generation and open their views on a future job after school, which could differ from the traditional path of studies.  

Whether you always wanted to work with robots or make an impact on the future of computer technologies or have an artistic inclination but have not understood what the best job for you is, these series of documentaries will help the younger viewers to formulate critical thinking and be immersed in the world that surrounds us every day.