Sadiq Khan for London

When Sadiq Khan’s team came to us to come up with some concepts for his campaign film we were really inspired by the brief and came up with 10 script ideas. After discussion with the team we went for approach that a vote for Sadiq was a vote for London. Sadiq symbolises so much of what is positive about the city and the story of aspiration that every Londoner can identify with. His Dad was a bus driver and his mum a seamstress. They lived in a council estate in South London but were hard working and determined. Now as Mayor he wants everyone in London to have a fair chance to succeed.

We shot the film on that estate and then grew the story out to become the story of all Londoners using a mixture of cameras- Amira, super 8 and Drone to crwate a textured feel to the film.

Sadiq is refreshingly modest, thoughtful and professional to work with- to be honest we really fell for him and his team reflected his personality. The film worked well, Sadiq won and London got a Mayor who lives and breathes the city and its people.