It’s coming home

Last Sunday, England’s Lionesses defeated Germany 2-1 to win the Women’s Euro 2022 football championship. After years of waiting, England supporters have finally gotten the chance to sing “It’s coming home”. This victory became ever so meaningful as the women football’s team made history by claiming their first major trophy. It has inspired many young women to be more passionate about sport!

Seven years ago, we at Silverfish Films, helped start a girls football club namely AFC Leyton. At the time, the club only had only 11 players. No-one was interested in sponsoring the club, however we provided the funds for the first year in order to get the program “off the ground”. Silverfish also assisted in providing a short promotion film to raise awareness and created a logo for the team. The only other regional support came from Waltham Forest Council Leader, Chris Robbins who gave the team a pitch to play on.

While the early go was uncertain, our efforts provided the catalyst for success. Today the club is managed more professionally and AFC is now one of the country’s largest clubs with over 200 young women benefiting from playing sport. Our hope is that the Euro 2022 victory will inspire future young women to participate and further grow the sport!

As Mark noted: “Watched the final with my daughter, one of the original 11, and we hugged each other with joy at how far girls and women’s football has come. Things can change.”

Things can change!