Innovation for a greener future

The 21st century is an exciting time for those who are passionate or simply interested in the fields of technology. Presently we are witnessing some of the most significant technological developments in human history. Everyday technical advancements are identified along with scientific breakthroughs in various technologies. Cutting-edge technology has changed our world forever. Looking at the innovation that we see in communication devices, artificial intelligence, medical equipment, robotics and electronics illustrates the evolution of scientific knowledge.

Technology has not only revolutionised our world, it has also altered our lives with unlimited boundaries.  Businesses have become more efficient; transactional activities are unlimited and distance from one’s employees to customers is no longer a factor. Given an integrated system, we can be connected to each other conveniently and efficiently with a few strokes of a keyboard. However, when making those new technological advances, we must be mindful of the effect on the environment. In fact, technology and scientific advances are beneficial to the environment when applied responsibly. One specific area that requires special attention is climate change and greenhouse gases. Innovation for a greener future has been a matter of concern for many countries around the globe. We must affirm environmental responsibility for all of our advancements that affect our planet along with our commitment to humanity.

Having the opportunity to produce a series of short films, for the Future of Britain Conference 2022 which was hosted by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in partnership with The Britain Project and youth organisation My Life My Say, was simply a game changer. It provided many positive aspects and outlined a future path for compliance.

The film was put together with experts and world leaders covering numerous disciplines. We highlighted frontline politicians, former government ministers, tech CEOs along with climate activists. Together they shared various insights and new ideas that have the ability not only to change our thought process, but to collectively change our world.

It is reassuring to know that many technologies are available to correct the world’s most severe problems, as noted with climate change. In our rapidly changing world environmental responsibility must be our key focus. We must use these new technologies wisely and we must design our future world better and greener!

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