Equality and Human Rights Commission The Right to a Family Life

We made this video for the EHRC’s campaign to help voice the struggles being faced by care home residents during the Covid-19 pandemic, who were unable to see their families, and campaign to make a change in the regulations they were living under.

We got in touch with several families to hear about their experiences. As most of their family members were isolated in care homes and had dementia or alzheimers, we had to take an approach of using online interviews, as well as capturing comments from the residents that were recorded by the families during window visits or FaceTime calls which we guided the families on and weaved into the film to hear from all perspectives.

We used this footage mixed with old photographs and videos from the contributors lives before being confined to a care home to make this emotionally impactful film. 

The film helps demonstrate the vulnerability of the residents and their reliance on their families to help them through this time.