An inspiring journey to Net Zero

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) coming up, Silverfish have been working with various companies and multilateral organisations to promote their bold green initiatives and cutting-edge climate action they have been busy working away on.

One of the big corporations making a real tangible difference is – perhaps surprisingly – the Association of British Insurers. After speaking with the CEOs of Aviva, Royal London, Phoenix and Ageas, we discovered that Aviva is investing an incredible £6 billion in green assets over the coming period, taking their whole portfolio to Net Zero by 2040.  Amazingly,  we learnt that it is 21x more effective to have the right asset investment in your pension than it is to eat vegan or fly less. This gives us hope!

We also spoke with Direct Line Group who have made changes throughout their entire car repair centre in Birmingham to make it more green and energy-efficient by changing not only all of the lights, recycling and so on, but by also fitting electric spray booths rather than using gas. And installing a 10,000-litre tank of hydrogenated vegetable oil fuel for their drivers to use in their trucks when picking up and dropping off cars instead of diesel.

Sustainability will only happen with real practical action and a plan. While the Insurance companies are taking tangible practical steps, the team over at UNCTAD have been developing a radical and comprehensive plan.

UNCTAD have been campaigning for governments to implement a Global Green New Deal that involves a massive mobilization of public and private resources, as well as investing in renewable energy, a more efficient public transport system and sustainable agricultural practices.

Check out the film we made with the on the green new deal to learn more about it.

We’re now teaming up with them again for a new film on a global climate action plan to be shown the upcoming COP so stay tuned..!

Here at Silverfish, we are also doing our part in the fight against climate change. We are members of the Albert Trust (which you can read more about here and constantly working on ways to not only make our own productions more sustainable but to also tell stories to audiences about the importance of climate change. We love shedding a light on the brilliant work that is being done by all of these ambitious organisations.

Watch this space for more green films to come and get in touch to let us know what you are doing in the fight against climate change!